Claris International Inc.: Introducing [Video]

FileMaker, Inc., has been reborn as Claris International, Inc. This important FileMaker change was announced during DevCon 2019 in Orlando, and I was thrilled to be featured in their new advertising. You can also read more about DevCon 2019 as well as the FileMaker and Claris announcement here.

Please see below for transcription.

Our work is for the problem solvers, the question askers, and solution seekers.

Those who step up when it’s time to reach higher, think bigger, work smarter using the right technology.

Those who see a problem as an opportunity and a challenge as a reward.

Those who refuse to accept good enough because they’re too busy aiming for amazing.

Our work is for the innovators. Our work is for you.

<Show the Claris logo.>

Susan’s business, Beyond the Chaos, partners with other small businesses to control their chaos through project management and process development.

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