A good project proposal is necessary to the success of your project. It defines the scope. It provides the budget. Lastly, it sets the timeline. In other words, your project proposal sets the tone and expectations for the entire project.

At a minimum, a project proposal should include the following:

  • goals of the project
  • reasons the project is being undertaken and what the client should expect to achieve from it (think ROI)
  • scope
  • pricing
  • timing
  • payment terms
  • signature area
  • any necessary legal language
  • an expiration date for the proposal itself

Let’s look at each project proposal item in more detail.

Goals, Expectations, and Value/ROI

These areas can sometimes be covered in one sentence on…

Ever felt like your projects should be more profitable than they actually are? Or that your final client deliverable missed the mark but you’re not sure why? Those are just two of the top project management issues I often see. Having managed over 50 different project managers and overseen thousands of projects during my career, I can tell you that you are not alone in feeling that way.

Here are some of the top project management issues that small businesses face.

Project Management Issue #1: Not billing your clients for project management time

One of the most common questions I get when implementing project management strategies is, “this all sounds great, but…how…

Recently I was a guest of Jeremy Ryan Slate, host of Create Your Own Life podcast. Jeremy’s podcast studies high performers. He interviews all sorts of interesting individuals, from world-class performers to NFL players to New York Times bestsellers. He figures out what makes them tick and then unpacks it for his audience. As the Chaos Eradicating Officer of Beyond the Chaos, what makes me tick is removing the chaos from the lives of small business owners. …

A quality kickoff meeting begins with a killer proposal with a clear scope and a solid agenda. The purpose of a kickoff meeting is to get everyone on the same page, working toward a successfully completed project. If you are in a service industry and are executing projects, here are tips to lead a well-planned kickoff meeting.

Internal Kickoff Meeting

Prior to meeting with the client, hold an internal kickoff meeting to go over the scope, timeline, and budget. Make any tweaks to the schedule to accommodate a technician’s vacation or a lead’s obligation to another client. Ahead of time, make sure the…

I began 2021 as a podcast guest on Kut2thaChase, featuring Gregory Proctor. Gregory’s podcast embodies open dialog with friends, family, and professional colleagues talking about reality and things that impact our means to thrive. Make sure you don’t miss our rapid fire game at the end.

Please find the full video transcript below.

Gregory: Hello, everyone, this is your host, Gregory Proctor, and welcome to another episode of Kut2thaChase, episode 51. That’s right people, episode 51. We’re into our third season. Yes, sir. Things have been going pretty well for us over here at Kut2thachase. And today, I have a…

Happy New Year!

I’m looking forward to another year of helping small businesses continue to manage not only new business challenges but other challenges that the pandemic has created in the workplace, like the need to become more efficient as they continue to work remotely.

New business challenges for you this year hopefully mean you are dealing with a surge of new work! I am thankful personally that I have been able to add some more staff and expand my project management consultancy efforts.

What is a project management consulting firm?

Speaking of project management, often I get questions like “so, I know what a project manager…

I had the pleasure of speaking with Eric Dye, host of Enterprise Podcast Network, about reducing the chaos in your business. Listen as we discuss some of the daily challenges that small business owners or entrepreneurs face, including how small business owners can better structure their day.

Please find the full video transcript below.

Welcome to Enterprise Radio, the signature show of the Enterprise Podcast Network, featuring some of the most prominent business professionals in the world today. And now your host, Eric Dye.

Eric Dye: This is Eric Dye, and once again, welcome to Enterprise Radio, a part of…

Y’all know I’m a proud Aggie. So, imagine my excitement when my two favorite things in the world combined: talking chaos and talking Aggies. I was recently a guest on Aggie Growth Hacks, the podcast powered by the McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship at Texas A&M that is dedicated to highlighting fast-growing Aggie entrepreneurs. Listen as Greg Martin, Chris Hunter and I chat eradicating chaos, dealing with COVID grief, calendar Tetris, and our favorite Aggie football memories. Gig ’em!

Full transcription below.

Greg Martin: Howdy Ags! Welcome back to Aggie Growth Hacks. The podcast powered by the McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship…


At Claris Engage 2020, Susan handed over the reins as Lead Facilitator of WITfm to Krissy Ferris. Here is a little more about Women Innovating Together and how it…

Susan Fennema

Susan’s business, Beyond the Chaos, partners with other small businesses to control their chaos through project management and process development.

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