Is overwhelm choking your business? If you’re struggling to take your business to the next level, or if you can’t afford to take a day (or night) off, you’ve come to the right place. Before implementing any operational or project management strategies, it’s essential to take a closer look at the underlying issues that brought you here.

My dad has been a small business owner for over 50 years. He’s also given me some of the best business advice. He told me, “You’ve made it professionally when you don’t do anything; you just set the tone for your business.” As…

When you are the person filling the ideal project manager role within your company, you should know that it’s a challenging role to perform. Attention-to-detail, multitasking, and organizational skill sets are necessary to help everyone on the team stay organized and on schedule.

Some software development companies and small creative agencies can’t always afford a full-time project manager. But, project managers are very important to help the team feel supported and provide the accountability necessary to do their best work. So, if you must play the ideal project manager role, you should know a little more about what is expected.

The ideal project manager role includes acting as the:

You never know when an opportunity will present itself to help a small business owner solve some of their most pressing business challenges. This is what I do every day during new client consultations, but recently, a fun podcast conversation led to some real-time Beyond the Chaos advice. Check out my interview with Michael Olivieri and Jonathan Pazienza, hosts of The CEO Process Podcast. You’ll definitely want to hear us collaborate on small business owner pain points, including:

  • Biggest problems a small business owner faces
  • The first step a business owner should take to systematize their business
  • Easy ways…

Susan chats with CPA Mia Anne Reeves, CEO of Reeves Accounting Services. Reeves Accounting Services is a small accounting firm, and Mia interviews Susan on how she consults with small…

Any Shark Tank fans out there? I was recently a guest on The SharkPreneur podcast, a podcast that focuses on the secrets to exponential business growth. If it sounds familiar, it’s because one of the hosts is an original Shark from the hit show. Take a listen to this 20-minute episode and hear about:

  • My journey to becoming a Chief Eradicating Officer
  • How I define business chaos
  • My 3-step process for eradicating chaos
  • One of the biggest mistakes business owners make when trying to fix the chaos
  • And more!

Kevin Harrington is the inventor of the infomercial, one of…

Working remotely used to be a future-state idea. Well, the future is now, and good work no longer needs to take place inside an office. As the small business owner of a virtual project management consultancy firm, I’ve been managing remote teams for 11 years, and probably managed over 40 remote employees.

There are so many benefits to managing remote teams. You are no longer tied to a particular city because of work. And, you can have your pick at the best talent across the country (or even the world)! One of the biggest benefits of managing remote teams is…

Managing the chaos is the topic of my latest podcast interview. Recently I talked with John DeBevoise, host of the BizSoup podcast. BizSoup helps every aspiring entrepreneur and small business owner develop, expand, and protect their business. John and I talk about one of my favorite topics, managing the chaos, including:

  • Controlling the chaos by building systems
  • Expectations: what do you want it to be versus what it is
  • Filling gaps by identifying problems and putting a process in place
  • Putting people in the right seats doing the right jobs…including you!

Please find the full video transcript below:


Recently I chatted with Henry Lopez, podcast host of The How of Business. Henry’s podcast is dedicated to giving small business owners tips and advice so you can grow your small business. I love talking about my journey with others on how I discovered project management and operations as a career. Especially how I’ve been inspired by all the other small business owners in my life, like my family members. Listen as Henry and I talk about ways to grow your small business through project management, including:

  • Project Management 101 (including tips on how to better manage projects as a…

A good project proposal is necessary to the success of your project. It defines the scope. It provides the budget. Lastly, it sets the timeline. In other words, your project proposal sets the tone and expectations for the entire project.

At a minimum, a project proposal should include the following:

  • goals of the project
  • reasons the project is being undertaken and what the client should expect to achieve from it (think ROI)
  • scope
  • pricing
  • timing
  • payment terms
  • signature area
  • any necessary legal language
  • an expiration date for the proposal itself

Let’s look at each project proposal item in more detail.

Goals, Expectations, and Value/ROI

These areas can sometimes be covered in one sentence on…

Susan Fennema

Susan’s business, Beyond the Chaos, partners with other small businesses to control their chaos through project management and process development.

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